The Association was established on November 1, 2019, and after the subsequent activities, we started a new step forward as a general incorporated association on May 24, 2023. The Association respects the cultural background of outrigger canoeing and will continue to promote and develop the sport in Japan. As a member of the INTERNATIONAL VA’A FEDERATION, which is the coordinating body for outrigger canoeing around the world, we will also focus on exchanges with other countries.

Our Mission

  • With safety as our prime objective, the Japan Outrigger Canoe Association (JOCA)aims to contribute to the comprehensive development of the outrigger canoeing sport and culture in Japan.
  • JOCA will promote activities to achieve synergy not only with other domestic and international outrigger canoe clubs, but with diversified interests as well.
  • JOCA will strive to become the common thread to unify the outrigger canoe clubs in Japan for further cooperation and expansion.

Message from the Representative Director

After several years of preparation, the Japan Outrigger Canoe Association (JOCA) was launched on November 01, 2019. Being a passionate paddler myself (from 1998), I would like the association to act as a conduit to perpetuate not only the culture of outrigger canoeing, but the strong passion we have for this Polynesian rooted sport to the next generation and to the global community.
I believe that the management of an association is similar to the teamwork you experience on an outrigger canoe out in the sea. I remain committed to the development of the sport and spirit of outrigger canoeing. I take the immense pleasure working with all of you and sincerely appreciate your continued support.

Mitsuru Obana 
Ohana Hoe Outrigger Canoe Club
November 1, 2019


Kamakura Outrigger Canoe Club / WAILEA CANOE CLUB JAPAN / OHANA HOE OUTRIGGER CANOE CLUB / Chigasaki Outrigger Canoe Club / Sajima Paddling Connection (SPC) / BEACH HAYAMA / MOKUPUNI OUTRIGGER CANOE CLUB/ Holokai OUTRIGGER CANOE CLUB KANSAI / Amanico   outrigger canoe club / Suruga Bay OUTRIGGER CANOE CLUB

Member list

Board of Directors

Representative Director: Mitsuru Ohana
Directors: Kenji Kinoshita, Fujio Kobayashi


Edward Phillips

Section Meeting

Public Relations : Seigo Tamura