About Outrigger Canoe

The one with an elongated hull and a laterally protruding outrigger for balance is called an "Outrigger Canoe.
Originally, the islands of the Pacific Ocean had a lot of canoe competition with religious significance. Each island and village had strong young people, prayed for their ancestors, and prayed for a good harvest in the outrigger canoe competition.

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Our Vision

With safety as our prime objective, the Japan Outrigger Canoe Association (JOCA)aims to contribute to the comprehensive development of the outrigger canoeing sport and culture in Japan.

JOCA will promote activities to achieve synergy not only with other domestic and international outrigger canoe clubs, but with diversified interests as well.

JOCA will strive to become the common thread to unify the outrigger canoe clubs in Japan for further cooperation and expansion.

About JOCA