The one with an elongated hull and a laterally protruding outrigger for balance is called an “Outrigger Canoe.
Originally, the islands of the Pacific Ocean had a lot of canoe competition with religious significance. Each island and village had strong young people, prayed for their ancestors, and prayed for a good harvest in the outrigger canoe competition.

Outrigger canoe spirituality

The outrigger canoe is a vehicle with a spirit that is completely opposite to the modern society where everything is convenient. The appearance of crossing the sea with the power of human beings who trust each other without using any power will not change even after hundreds of years. It is also important to sharpen your wild senses in order to grasp the flow and wind without resisting the power of nature.
It is necessary to respect nature, value outrigger canoes that entrust their lives, and believe in friends who work together to aim for their destination. It’s a matter of course, but it’s also something that you can’t really practice in your daily life.
Say hello to each other when your friends get together, handle outrigger canoes and tools with the utmost care, and pick up trash when you see it in the ocean. It is only with the accumulation of such small actions that we are recognized as a suitable person to ride an outrigger canoe.

Outrigger canoe is a club sport

If it’s a single-seater canoe, you can store it in your garage and play alone whenever you want. Outrigger canoes, on the other hand, are large, heavy, and can only be rowed by a large group of friends. This is why outrigger canoeing is a club sport.
Of course, when friends get together, various opinions and requests will start to come out, and it will be necessary for someone to unite everyone as a leader and adjust the division of roles. Therefore, it is necessary to create an organization called a “club”. Ideally, an organization called a “club” would allow each participant to work and support each other for all the other participants, making decisions and acting as if they were one person.