JOCA CUP 3rd All Japan Outrigger Canoe Championship

JOCA CUP 3rd All Japan Outrigger Canoe Championship

Date and Time: May 26th (Sunday), 2024, 8:00 – 16:00 *Spare date to be determined

Place: Zushi Coast Headquarters, with start and finish lines in Zushi Bay offshore

Organized by: Japan Outrigger Canoe Association

Supported by: Zushi City / Zushi Marine Federation / NPO Kaigan Club / Hayama Town (tentative)

Cooperation : Kamakura Outrigger Canoe Club / WAILEA CANOE CLUB JAPAN / OHANA HOE OUTRIGGER CANOE CLUB / Kayagasaki Outrigger Canoe Club / Sajima Paddling Connection / BEACH Hayama


Amanico Outrigger Canoe Club / Suruga Bay Outrigger Canoe Club / Zushi Marina (tentative)

Co-organizers: Patagonia, Kamakura Beer, Koyo Machine Industry Co.

Middle distance race for OC6 (6-seater outrigger canoe) OC4 and OC1.2

       Scheduled categories and classes (Men’s OPEN Masters 50, Women’s OPEN Masters 50, Mixed, Kids, Junior)

       Each class may be merged depending on the number of entries. Masters is 50 over, Mixed is 3 men and 3 women, Junior is junior high school students, and Kids is elementary school students.

OC6,4 W entries are only allowed to steer.

*Juniors and kids must be steered by a child or an adult in seat 7.

Entries from non-OC clubs may receive steer assistance from JOCA, but in the case of steer assistance, the team must consist of five members.

Number of participants: 30 teams with an estimated total of 180 participants.

Entry information will be announced separately on the website. (Entry deadline: 4/30)

Prizes: Top rank in each category

Safety :Safety management by lifesaving PWC (other craft guidance, rowing course), and loading of buoyant body for the number of participants in each boat.

Entry fee

OC6 entry: Japan Outrigger Association member clubs 30,000 yen, others 42,000 yen, Juniors/Kids 12,000 yen
OC4 Entry 20,000 yen
OC1 Entry 4,000 yen *With OC6 entry -1,000 yen
OC2 Entry 6,000 yen *Win entry with OC6 is -1,000 yen
One prize for each participant, even for W-entrants.

*Canoe rental fee of ¥5,000 per race will be requested at the time of entry on the day of the event.

Others: If the weather is not favorable on the day of the event and the event is difficult to hold, the event will be postponed to a later date. In the event that the event cannot be rescheduled, the entry fee will not be refunded. Only participation prizes will be distributed.

Tournament Director: Mitsuru Obana, President, Japan Outrigger Canoe Association

Representative Director: Mitsuru Ohana 1-11-20 Kotsubo, Zushi City

        080-6549-0870 e-mail:

           Director: Kenji Kinoshita

           090-3390-4455 e-mail:

           Director Fujio Kobayashi

           080-5415-8079 e-mail:

Competition Schedule (tentative) May 26th (Sunday)

8:00 Reception of participants

9:00 Opening Ceremony & Explanation of Competition

9:45 HEAT1 KIDS 2km

10:45 HEAT2 OC1&2/OC4/Junior 6km

12:00 HEAT3 OC6 Women: OPEN, Masters 50 6km

13:00 HEAT4 OC6 MIX Class 6km

14:00 HEAT5 Men’s: OPEN, Masters 50(6km)

15:30 Awards Ceremony

17:30 After Party* Kuromon NAGISAGOYA

*The competition schedule is subject to change due to entry status, conditions on the day, etc.

Scheduled Courses

2km and 3km courses will be set separately.

Update 5/16

Here is a movie of the 2nd All-Japan Outrigger Canoeing Championships held last year.
JOCA CUP (2023.9.17)
Men’s Open / Men’s Masters